Super Sixes 2023

Erica AyresNews

This coming Waitangi weekend, Sunday 5 and Monday 6 we have the Super Sixes🏆!!! At Fendalton Bowling Club we have the Women playing on Sunday and then the Men on Monday. At Burnside Bowling Club-New Zealand the Men will be there on Sunday and then the Women will finish off the tournament here on Monday. This is an awesome tournament, guaranteed to see some fantastic bowls being played so come along and support! 📣🥇

Starting Times

Sunday: 9am, 12pm and 3pm

Monday: 9am and 12pm

South Canterbury Women

Singles: Barbara Tiffen

Pairs (1): Sharon Leonard (S), Janice Williams

Pairs (2): Mata Frankum (S), Sarndra Cleland

Fours: Cathy Richards (S), Karen Manning, Linda Gallagher, Carolyn Darby

Manager: Aaron Thomas

South Canterbury Men

Singles: Tom Taiaroa

Pairs (1): Dean Harper(S), Bruce Wakefield

Pairs (2): Sam Morton(S), Merv Davey

Fours: Sean O’Neill(S), Ricky Ross, Dave McClelland, Roger Glendinning.

Manager: Graham Stoddart

Canterbury Women

Singles: Donalda Scott

Pairs (1): Kirsten Rowe, Tania Woodham

Pairs (2): Wendy Suttie, Tracey Wilkinson

Fours: Jan Shirley, Julie Adams, Nylla Tamati, Rebecca Jelfs

Additional Players: Hazel Littlejohn

Coach/Selectors: Emily Belton, Linda Boyd, Pam Clarke

Canterbury Men

Singles: Hamish Wilson

Pairs (1): Joseph van der Pennen, Matt Small

Pairs (2:) Kerry Becks, Liam Eathorne

Fours: Craig Carter (s), Mark Schrader, Barry Williams, Steve Street

Coach/Selector: Graeme Rees, Ray Hunt

Dunedin Men

Singles: Oliver Mason

Pairs (1): Keanu Darby (S), Roger Stevens

Pairs (2): Brent McEwan (S), Duane White

Fours: Andy McLean (S), Rodney Fleming, Mitch Cook, Tane Payne

Selector/Manager: Terry Scott, Rob Gibson

Dunedin Women

Singles: Bronwyn Stevens

Pairs (1): Tala Kelly (S) Ange Francis

Pairs (2): Barbara Archer (S), Cathy King

Fours: Faye Cosgrove (S), Vicki Robinson, Brooke Craik, Shona Mann

Reserve: Shannon McEwan

Selector/Manager: Lyn Rance, Jacqui Peterson (Manager)

Marlborough Women

Singles: Pauline Bailey

Pairs (1): Jenny Anderson (S) Kiri Bond

Pairs (2): Pam Stevens (S) Jan Gallop

Fours: Trish Downs (S) Colleen Robbins, Patsy Riri, Helen McIsaac

Manager/Coach: Mary Riddell Lloyd Gallop

Marlborough Men

Singles: Simon Hitchcock

Pairs (1): Scott Mansfield (S) Sanjhe Prasad

Pairs (2): Damon Hitchcock (S) Max Brydon

Fours: Paul Matheson (S), Kevan Greenwood, Mike Mehlhopt, Chase Bishop.

Manager: Dennis Mills

Buller Women

Singles: Carolyn Wadsworth

Pairs (1): Diane James (S), Diane Blanche

Pairs (2): Janice Penman (S), Kathryn Reith

Fours: Ann Gray(S), Fay Sampson, Rose Howat, Leslie Taylor.

Buller Men

Singles: Ewen MacDonald

Pairs (1): Ross James (S) Trevor Warne

Pairs (2): James Parkin (S) and Emil Johnsen

Fours: Roy Galway (S), Rex Gibson, Barry Lilley, Terry Smith

Nelson Women

Singles; Jo Edwards

Pairs (1): Val Smith, Colleen Earl

Pairs (2): Di Holland, Linda Erasmus

Fours: Kay Hammond, Barbara Thomason, Sheryl Riordan, Margaret Eames

Manager /Coach: Mary Orbell, Dave Edwards

Nelson Men

Singles: Kelvin Scott

Pairs (1): Gary Watson, Murray Scott

Pairs (2): Dave Currie, Dave McLeod

Fours: Lance Pascoe, Pete Hodson, Robbie Reed, Ty Gurr

Manager /Coach: Marty Hammond, Maurice Dodsworth