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Canterbury Contact:

Ron Sabin 021 024 44335

To improve club access to these helpful resources, funding is currently available via the Canterbury Greenkeepers Association. Get in touch with Ron Sabin for further information.

MyGreenkeeper has been developed specifically for Bowls Greenkeepers. It enables training and assessment of volunteers at regional bowling clubs in the technical skills required to maintain greens ready for play.

MyGreenkeeper was developed by the New Zealand Sports Turf Institute (NZSTI) specifically for the needs of the Bowls New Zealand Greenkeepers Association (BNZGA). For the BNZGA this is a significant and strategic investment, intended to address the diminishing pool of professional bowls greenkeepers available to clubs, whilst also providing an exciting opportunity for club volunteers.

MyGreenkeeper is part of the NZSTI’s wider efforts to have comprehensive training solutions in place for each sector of our industry, and that probably hasn’t been the case for the Bowling community for quite some time.

A feature of MyGreenkeeper is the modular design coupled with specialist content unlike other sports turf programmes which must cater for a wide range of sports surfaces.

Each module of MyGreenkeeper is dedicated to a very specific set of skills on a bowling green. These include:
• Mow and groom a bowling green
• Irrigate a bowling green
• Fertilise a bowling green
• Repairs on a bowling green
• Renovate a bowling green
• Prepare a bowling green for play

Please note the module 4, “Apply agrochemicals to a bowling green”, has been withdrawn at this stage. 

The training involves a variety of practical tasks performed under supervision and mentoring by the BNZGA regional trainers. The regional trainers have all been through NZSTI’s ‘Train the Trainers’ programme and have all the tools necessary to facilitate this training. MyGreenkeeper will equip volunteer greenkeepers with important skills to ensure the ongoing viability of club playing surfaces and more.

As well as introducing volunteers to the technical skills of Greenkeeping, the modules will also contribute to better understanding of a club’s overall health and safety systems. There are dedicated training steps to follow and, importantly for club administrators, there is a formal record of every module achieved.

All the training, assessment and certifications resources are recorded in MyGreenkeeper portal which is the central hub for recording all training and assessment. Access is limited to the certified regional trainers and controlled by the Bowls New Zealand Greenkeepers Association executive.