Canterbury Regional Champs - Wednesday 13 March 2024
The secondary school singles and any combination pairs tournament was yet another hit this year. The competitive round robin tournament was at Morrison Ave Bowling Club where 6 singles and 6 pairs team across 9 schools played. It was awesome to see students enjoying themselves with great sportsmanship, etiquette, and a high skill level of bowls. Thank you to the club, helpers, markers, schools, and parents for enabling our youth to participate in events like these. Congratulations to our 2024 Secondary School Singles and Pairs Champions! Thanks to Morrison Ave Bowling Club for being a great host and to the helpers, markers, schools and parents.
1st - Jacob Inch (Christchurch Boys High School)
2nd - David Barnes (Kaikoura High)
3rd - Oscar Smith (Ellesmere College)
1st - Anna Mangels and Evan Mangels (Darfield High)
2nd - Liam Odering and Neith Absalom (Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery)
3rd - Harlan Sleeman and Lachie Curtain (St Thomas of Canterbury College)

CAIMS Tournament - Tuesday 7 March 2024 
Today we had the CAIMS Bowls Tournament at the Centre Green. Thanks to the schools, Primary Sports Canterbury, parents and club helpers for giving the students this bowls opportunity. It was the first time most of these students have played and they showed some great talent by the end of the day! Congratulations to our winners:
1st Place - Casebrook Girls (Erica and Mila)
2nd Place - Heaton Blue (Charlie and Logan)
3rd Place - Heaton Red (Mira and Monroe)

STAC Bowls Programme 

What a great morning at the Elmwood Park Bowling Club with St Andrew's College senior classes. Most of these students were giving Bowls a go for the first time today and got stuck into the session and showed some real talent! Thanks so much to the club, volunteers and the school for making this opportunity happen for the students. Looking forward to the future sessions.

Hanmer Springs Primary School Bowls Coaching 8/12/2023

June Dickson from Cheviot Club and her team came and coached the 32 students from year 5/6/7 from Hanmer Springs Primary School.  We had a good team from our club to assist.

It was very successful with the students keen to learn and they engaged well with us.

What a buzz to see so many giving bowls a go and having fun in the process.

The green was alive with activity for 2 afternoons.

June took them through the skills on the first afternoon .

The children then bowled through a circuit June had prepared so that they could learn the bias and to try and bowl through and around different props on the green.  They finished that day with the nearest to the ditch and marshmallows.

Yesterday our club showed them how to bowl up the jack and play a game.

Finished the day with a game of skittles - props used the previous day were set up and the students loved lining up and seeing how many they could knock down with their bowl.

Again marshmallows were the reward.

South Island Secondary School Year 9&10 any combination pairs tournament - 22/12/2023

Today at the Centre Green we have the year 9&10 any combination pairs tournament which was a new initiative of South Island Secondary School Assn. The talent of these young bowlers was expectational and they all did extremely well.
A massive congratulations to our winners
1st Place - Harry Blakely and Noah Madgiwick (Christ College)
2nd Place - Holly Grant and Brooke Li (Lincoln High School)
3rd Place - Sam Tyro and Karter Poole-Nicholas (St Bede's)
Thank you to the schools, parents, supporters and School Sport New Zealand 🏅🤩😁

Year 7&8 Summer Tournament - 8/11/2023

Out at Lincoln bowling club today we had an awesome day with Ararira Springs Primary School and Ellesmere College who played in the year 7&8 Pairs Summer Tournament. It was great to see these keen students back after playing the competitive Koru Games earlier this year.
Thank you to the Lincoln bowling club, Primary Sports Canterbury and the schools for giving these students these opportunities.
Congratulations to all!
1st - Ellesmere Gold
2nd - Ararira 1
3rd - Ellesmere Blue
Thank you Lincoln bowling club and Primary Sports Canterbury. 😁🏅😊

Year 5&6 Summer Tournament - 1/11/2023

Today at Lincoln bowling club we had an awesome day with Prebbleton Primary School who played in the year 5&6 Pairs Summer Tournament. Some future bowls stars in the making!
Congratulations to all!
1st - Prebbleton E & W
2nd - Prebbleton M & S
3rd - Prebbleton J & A

Rapanui Bowls Programme - 27/10/2023

Article written by: Denise Morland (Club Redcliffs - Organiser of programme)

Over the last two weeks of term 3 Club Redcliffs undertook what is to be our annual bowls coaching sessions for years 5-8 students of Redcliffs and Mt Pleasant Schools with the help of Erica from Bowls Canterbury.    They are such a lovely group of young people, always respectful and most enjoy the experience of learning how to play a different sport.   On Friday morning 13 October  50 plus young bowlers played enthusiastically in a Kiwi Games bowls pairs tournament followed by a sausage sizzle and prizegiving.  This year each school fielded 12 teams each and were very closely matched in play, each school receiving $500 each. We are always grateful for the great support from our club members who give up their time to support this worthwhile event.

Rapanui Bowls Tournament - Club Redcliffs - 13/10/23
Friday 13 October at Club Redcliffs we had 24 pairs teams from Mt Pleasant Primary and Redcliffs Primary School compete in the Rapanui Bowls Tournament. Leading up to the tournament, the year 7&8 students from both schools came down to the bowling green for some sessions. The tournament was a great way to finish off their programme and there was some exceptional talent amongst the rangatahi!
Well done to everyone who participated and a massive congratulations to the teams who ended up placing!
1st: Mongoose (Redcliffs)
2nd: Redcliffs 2 (Redcliffs)
3rd: Bowling Crabs (Mt Pleasant)
Mt Pleasant Primary overall won the most games over the tournament.
A massive thank you to Club Redcliffs for running the rangatahi bowls programme and holding the tournament. What a huge success it was. Thank you to the schools and teachers for all the effort that went into allowing this to happen and to Bowls New Zealand for the rangatahi bowls prizes! 🏆🏅😁

Click here for a great read on the Living House Burnside U26 Singles 2023 - Burnside-Under-26-Singles-with-photos
Koru Games 2023
What an incredible three days at Lincoln bowling club with the Koru Games! 🤩All students showed incredible potential and we witnessed some huge improvements by day 3, even in very challenging windy conditions. A massive thank you to all of the volunteers from Lincoln for your coaching and help with our 42 pairs teams! Thanks also to all the teachers, parents, grandparents and other helpers for your support for the students!
Very special mention to Ararira Springs Primary taking home the John F. Reid memorial trophy at the Koru Games. 🏆The trophy was introduced for the first time in 2023, awarded to a team who demonstrate the true spirit of the Games.Out of 468 teams across 18 sports, it is incredible to have it awarded to a Lawn Bowls team!
Ararira showed incredible sportsmanship throughout the tournament, listened closely to coaches, cheered other teams on and were always a pleasure to deal with.
Congratulations Ararira, we know John F. Reid would have been incredibly proud that the first winners of this trophy would have been Lawn Bowlers!
Read more about the trophy here:

Rangatahi Bowls Programme - Club Redcliffs 12/09/23
Over the next couple of weeks at Club Redcliffs both Mt Pleasant primary and Recliffs primary schools are having a few bowling sessions on the green. These students from year 5 through to year 8 have got some fantastic talent and have the opportunity to compete in a tournament at the end of their programme.
Thank you Club Redcliffs for giving these students a regular opportunity to get some coaching and to play a fun competition with their friends!

Wellington U26 5-Aside Tournament 
Congratulations to Olivia Mancer and Callum Cox Burnside Bowling Club-New Zealand who played the Nulook U26 5-Aside Tournament in Wellington last weekend. They managed to come away 6th place overall and played fantastically with their mixed centre team.
Well done to Bowls Taranaki for taking the win this year.
Thank you Bowls Wellington for the organisation of such a successful event and we look forward to having this as an annual event.

Canterbury U26 Team - 2023
Congratulations to our U26 team for taking the win this weekend in Dunedin. All the games were extremely close and there were some great bowls played throughout the weekend. Thank you Bowls Dunedin Inc. for hosting us, to the umpires, staff, and parents that traveled down to support our Canterbury team. Canterbury ended up taking 19 points and Dunedin finished with 13. Well done to all.

Rangatahi Success - Published 29/03/23
A massive congratulations to Callum Cox, William Bassett-Smith, and Marshall Stokes. The three rangatahi boys from St Thomas of Canterbury College competed in the National Secondary School Bowls3Five Championship 2023 in Auckland. The Canterbury triples team, successfully and proudly came first in the competition, bringing home the gold medal. Well done to the year 13 boys, what an awesome achievement!

2023 Disability Sports Extravaganza
Saturday 25 March was the 2023 Disability Sports Extravaganza at Burnside High. 40 families came together and had a jam-packed day having a go at 10 different sports! It was awesome to see everyone getting involved including the parents and teachers. Thank you to the Halberg Foundation for a superb fun-filled day.

Secondary School Regional Champs  
Congratulations to our 2023 Secondary School Regional Champs! Was an awesome day at Morrison Ave Bowling Club where 10 different Secondary Schools competed and played some great bowls. Thank you to the Club, markers, schools, School Sport Canterbury, umpire, parents, grandparents, teachers, and all.
Secondary School Regional Singles Champions
1st - Jacob Inch (Christchurch Boys High School)
2nd - David Barney (Kaikoura High School)
3rd - Harry Blakely (Christ College)
Secondary School Pairs Regional Champions
1st - St Thomas College Gold (William Bassett-Smith & Lachie Curtain)
2nd – St Thomas College Red (Jack Bartlett & Monty MacApline)
3rd – St Bedes Red

CAIMS Pairs Tournament 
March 7, 2023, Bowls Canterbury Centre we had a range of Intermediate schools compete in the CAIMS Pairs Bowls Tournament. Congratulations to the following teams for placing:
1st- Heaton 1
2nd - Heaton 7
3rd - St Thomas Red
Thank you to all of the parents, grandparents, and teachers for helping and supporting us today. It was great to see the students enjoying themselves and their improvement throughout the day.
Thank you Primary Sports Canterbury for making the CAIMS Bowls Tournament run smoothly and a great success!