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Bowls Canterbury 2020-2021 Umpires

Bowls New Zealand key documents and regulations are here.

Vision for Umpiring

World Bowls stipulates its requirements that are then promulgated through the Bowls NZ Umpires committee to the centres, who in turn train the candidates for a national examination and recommend candidates to be International Technical officials. With 4 international events in Christchurch in the upcoming years, ITOs are required to officiate - it is not to late to take the first step - a current accredited umpire.  To mark at the World Singles a current accredited Umpire level 2 is required, to officiate as a green umpire (2) International Technical Officials (ITO 3 or 4) accreditation is required.

World Bowls (ITO) Criteria to be an Umpire - For ITO information Page 57 onwards.

Bowls NZ Umpires Resources

Umpires Pathway (See photo above)