Finals Weekend Results


Below are the the final results for all events at Champion of Champions Finals Weekend.

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Saturday's Results:

Round 1 - 8.30am

Men's Triples Semi Finals

Bowls Papanui v Redcliffs Mt Pl (19-9)
Allenton v Woolston Park (17-13)

Women's Fours Semi Finals

Woodend v Canterbury 2017 (18-16)
Elmwood Park v Belfast (16-12)

Men's Fours Semi Finals

Halswell v Beckenham (17-10)
Riccarton RC v Bowls Hornby (23-17)

Centre Mixed Fours Final

Winners: Elmwood Park - John Mears, David Vujcich, Lois Gray & Theresa Woodham (22-10)

Runners Up: Rangiora - Doug Paterson, Sydney Mulligan (both pictured), Rebecca Jelfs & Noel Alexander (not pictured)

Round 2 - 11.30am

Women's Pairs Semi Finals

Allenton v Lincoln (25-16)
Elmwood Park v Parklands (23-13)

Men's Pairs Semi Finals

Elmwood Park v Burnside (15-14)
Leeston v Redcliffs Mt Pl (19-17)

Centre Over 60's Fours Semi Finals

Elmwood Park (Mears) v Elmwood Park (Vujcich) (17-11)
Halswell v Beckenham (21-5)

Men's Under 8's Singles Semi Final

Shane Brokenshire (Beckenham) v Neil Tiplady (Woodend) (21-12)

Round 3 - 2.30pm

Men's Singles Semi Finals

Mark Young (Belfast) v Phil Austin (Halswell) (21-13)
Rodney Greaney (Allenton) v Bob Burnett (West Melton) (21-16)

Women's Singles Semi Finals

Kim Rowlands (Canterbury 2017) v CJ Hargrave (Beckenham) (21-16)
Sandra Holdom (Allenton) v Julie Dalley (Halswell) (21-19)

Women's Under 8's Singles Semi Finals

Tania Woodham (Elmwood Park) v Emma Bayley (Parklands) (21-15)
Jenny Anderson (Woodend) v Karen Harpur (Mandeville) (21-16)

Men's Under 8's Singles Semi Final

Duncan O'Keefe (Rangiora) v Bruce Redmond (Methven) (21-15)

Sunday's Results:

Round 1 - 8.30am

Men's Fours Final

Winners: Halswell - Kevin Diggs, Rex Carpinter, John Connolly & Phil Austin (19-16)

Runners Up: Riccarton RC - Andrew Cox, Grant McLean, Don Stephens & Paul Wallace

Women's Pairs Final

Winners: Allenton - Sandra Holdom & Annette Sargisson (21-19)

Runners Up: Elmwood Park - Bev Morel & Sherrie Cottle

Watson Shield

Winners: Elmwood Park (Singles 25-18, Pairs 15-20, Triples 26-18, Fours 20-13)

Runners Up: Rangiora

Round 2 - 11.30am

Women's 1st & 2nd Year Singles Final

Winner: Jude Main [left] (Redcliffs Mt Pl) (21-16)
Runner Up: Tracy Fickling [right] (Coalgate)

Men's 1st & 2nd Year Singles Final

Winner: Logan Dunn (Hawarden) (21-4)

Runner Up: Matt Small (Burnside)

Centre Over 60's Fours Final

Winners: Elmwood Park - John Mears, Lois Gray, Bruce Humphreys & David Vujcich (18-17)

Runners Up: Halswell - Andrew Bramham, Rex Carpinter, Phil Austin & John Connolly

Men's Triples Final

Winners: Bowls Papanui - Tony Fielding, Joseph van der Pennen & Peter Cotton (21-10)

Runners Up: Allenton - Rodney Greaney, Peter Whinham & Tom Sutton

Women's Triples Final

Winners: Canterbury 2017 - Adele Greenfield, Julie Adams & Raelene Peters (18-13)

Runners Up: Papanui Club - Norma Hutchinson, Bep Weir & Raewyn Lynch

Women's Fours Final

Winners: Woodend - Joan MacFarlane, Mary O'Brien, Pauline Barr & Jenny Anderson (15-14)

Runners Up: Bev Morel, Sherrie Cottle, Chris Kibblewhite & Fiona Frew

Round 3 - 2.30pm

Women's Under 8's Singles Final

Winner: Jenny Anderson [right] (Woodend) (21-13)
Runner Up: Tania Woodham [left] (Elmwood Park)

Men's Under 8's Singles Final

Winner: Duncan O'Keefe [right] (Rangiora) (21-16)
Runner Up: Shane Brokenshire [left] (Beckenham)

Men's Pairs Final

Winners: Elmwood Park - Steve Ditfort & Ian Rule (18-7)

Runners Up: Leeston - Colin Lowery & Trevor Kennett

Women's Singles Final

Winner: Kim Rowlands [right] (Canterbury 2017) (21-19)
Runner Up: Sandra Holdom (Allenton)

Men's Singles Final

Winner: Rodney Greaney [right] (Allenton) (21-14)
Runner Up: Mark Young [left] (Belfast)