Centre Pairs – Postponement Update


Thank you for your patience while we have worked out the postponement dates for the Centre Pairs, which was unfortunately rained off on Sunday.

Section play will now be on the Saturday 18th of December.

Post Section will now be on the Sunday 19th of December.

To accommodate this, Centre Fours section play has been moved to a new date in January, which will be communicated separately to the Fours teams affected. 

As the 18th December was originally going to be the post section date, we are confident that everyone who entered initially should be able to make this new date work. However, if your team is now unable to participate, we will be offering refunds.

If you would like to be withdrawn, please email Meg at marketing@bowlscanterbury.co.nz by 5pm Tuesday 7th December and specify the bank account you wish to be refunded in to.

We have also had to move some sections to different greens due to a lack of availability on the 18th – Draws will be re-published with all changes next Wednesday.

Thanks for your understanding!