Bowls is not typically viewed as a sport for the younger generation but the reality is that there are many youth players involved in bowls on both a local and high performance level.

Bowls Canterbury is one of the best Centres in New Zealand for promoting youth bowls - having pathway programmes such as Kiwibowls and Secondary Schools.

Bowls Canterbury provide Seven Canterbury tournaments:

Primary and Intermediate (Year 5 to 8)

Canterbury - Primary Sports Trust - Pairs Competition Canterbury Aims - Year 7 and 8 (March 2022)


Entries are made through the Primary Sports Trust - Michael Wilson

Canterbury - Primary Sports Trust - Pairs Competition Year 5 and 6 (Sept 2021)


Entries are made through the Primary Sports Trust - Michael Wilson

Canterbury - Primary Sports Trust - Pairs Competition Open - Year 7 and 8 (Nov 2021)


Entries are made through the Primary Sports Trust - Michael Wilson

South Island - Selwyn Sports Trust - Koru Games - Lawn Bowls - Pairs Competition Year 7 and 8 (21st/22nd/23rd - Sept 2021)


Entries are made through the Selwyn Sports Trust

Secondary Schools

Canterbury - Secondary Schools Wednesday Sport (Term 1 & 4)


Entries are made through School sports coordinators and through Enter NOW.

Canterbury - Secondary Schools Singles and Pairs Tournament (March 2022)


Entries are made through School sports coordinators and through Enter NOW.

Canterbury - U20s Singles (January 2022)


Entries are made through Bowls Canterbury Online Entries page.

Burnside Under 26 Singles

Details: Burnside Website and Facebook

Registrations Close: 27 June 2021

Entries are made through Burnside BC -

Bowls New Zealand - National youth events:

Rangatahi National Singles - Auckland

Details: Tuesday 7 & Wednesday 8 December 2021

Rangatahi National Bowls3Five 

Details: Tuesday 29 & Wednesday 30 March 2022


Year 7 & 8 - Kiwibowls 

A programme designed to introduce primary and intermediate school children into lawn bowls. It involves a range of fun activities that encourage and promote decision making, problem solving, communication and fundamental target skills. 

Bowls is a sport played with all degrees of physical fitness and ability by youngsters through to the elderly.  It is a non-contact sport that appeals to both genders. Being able to compete with everyone on an equal footing is one of its attributes.

The modified games that are taught through this programme are delivered not only to teach bowls but to develop the youth in our community.  Participants learn from coaches who encompass an athlete-centred style of instruction, using tools such as questioning, prompting and feedback, developing an independent athlete that will not be reliant on the coach. The coach provides an environment that maximises learning. The programme encourages and promotes decision making, problem solving, communication and fundamental target skills such as accuracy, strategy and self-awareness. These newly acquired skills will give them confidence to participate in more organised target sports and help them understand that sport can be fun with the correct attitudes.

Click here to view the Kiwibowls Booklet for all information. 

Year 7 & 8 - Koru Games

The Koru Games is a multi-sport event held in the Selwyn District. The Games started in 2014 with now over 10 sports. The Lawn Bowls Competition it is based on a modified pairs game at Lincoln Bowling Club.


21/22/23 September 2021


This event was cancelled due to COVID.




The 3rd annual Koru Games, 19th - 21st September, saw 120 year 7 & 8 students competing against one another. 14 different schools were involved in the Lawn Bowls competition, all of which came from Canterbury. Again this event could not be possible without the support and commitment from Lincoln Bowling Club, who each year, provide the venue and numerous volunteers that support the competitors each day. 

2016 Koru Games

Koru Games 2016 saw an increase in participation numbers not only in Bowls but in all 10 sports. There were 60 teams entered from 17 schools. The competition was held in September at the Lincoln Bowling Club. Lincoln Bowling Club were again a crucial part of the running of the event, as they were able to provide the man power to be able to support the participants. This year Emily Robbins from Bowls Canterbury organised the event and received support from Katie Griifiths (Bowls Canterbury) and Lincoln Bowling Club. 

2015 Koru Games

On the 16th - 18th September the Koru Games took place at Lincoln Bowling Club. This programme was part of the Selwyn Sports Trust multi-sport event for primary school students at year 7 and 8 level. Bowls was lucky enough to be one of the five sports offered to students. The bowling competition included a field of 47 pairs teams and was a great success on the green. Ali Choukry from Bowls New Zealand organised the event and received support from Bowls Canterbury staff and volunteers.

Watch this CTV article on the Koru Games -

Secondary School - Wednesday Sport

Secondary Schools is an interschool competition which is held on Wednesday afternoons in term 1 & 4. This programme provides activities for both beginner and competition bowlers.

Beginner bowlers have the chance to learn the basic skills of the game in a fun and active environment while competition bowlers play against each other in a true bowling game format. Both beginners and competition students have access to coaching and support throughout the programme.

Programmes and Competitions

Wednesday Sport: 

Location: Centre Green / Cashmere BC / Morrison Ave BC

Dates: 6 weeks in Term 1 and Term 4. 

Enter through ENTERNOW 

Secondary Schools Singles and Triples: 

Location: Centre Green 

Date: March 2022

Enter through ENTERNOW 

Centre U20 Singles

The Centre Under 20 Singles is an event for local players under the age of 20 years old to compete against each other. This is a chance for youth to challenge themselves, to prepare for National youth events, such as, the National U18s Singles, Regional Secondary Schools and National Kittyhawk Under 21.

To enter, go to Events - Enter Events - U20 Singles

Competition Date: 19th January 2018