Town & Country Representative Teams Announced


The first Representative event for the 2020/2021 season is Town v Country on Sunday 1 November 2020.

The Men's tournament will be played at Morrison Ave Bowling Club and the Women's tournament will be played at Ashburton MSA Bowling Club.

Please see the list below of the selected players.

Senior Men - Town

Black Team

Singles: Joseph van der Pennen

Pairs: (S) Rohan Ware & Mark Young

Fours: (S) Paul Matheson, Kevin Diggs, Phil Austin, Shaun Osborne

Red Team

Singles: Hamish Wilson

Pairs: (S) Richard Hocking & Liam Eathorne

Fours: (S) Kelvin Scott, Stephen Ditfort, Barry Williams, Bruce Wakefield

Senior Men - Country

Team 1

Singles: T Kennett

Pairs: (S) R Greaney & S Thomson

Fours: (S) A Crawford, T White, P Redfern, J Nowell

Team 2

Singles: R Fensom

Pairs: (S) C Carter & J Dunn

Fours: (S) S Glassey, B Chapman, B Shorter, B Donaldson

Res:  B Mayson D Holland

Senior Women's - Town

Black Team 

Singles: Rebecca Jelfs

Pairs: (S) Donelda Scott & Kim Rowlands

Fours: (S) Liz Rossiter, Chris Kibblewhite, Fiona Frew, Tessa Lee

Red Team

Singles: Emma Bayley

Pairs: (S) Linda Boyd & Kay Wallace

Fours: (S) Amy Caddie, Ann Simpson, Kirsten Rowe, Fay Sampson

Senior Women's - Country

Team 1 

Singles: V Hantz

Pairs: (S) J. Collis & D. Callaghan

Fours: (S) M. Middleton, B. Scurr, P. McElwain, M. Parke

Team 2

Singles: J. Harper

Pairs: (S) H Littlejohn & J. Payne

Fours: (S) W. Watson, R. Heads, W. Clucas, V. Watson

Development Men - Town 

Black Team 

Singles: Brad Sinclair

Pairs: (S) Peter Hannah & Jonathan Truesdale

Fours: (S) Les Fickling, Greg Hill, Shane Bell, Galen Bonner

Red Team

Singles: Matt Small

Pairs: (S) Bernie Blackmum & Steve Street

Fours: (S) Adam White, Andy Weber, Paul Avis, Jeff Reed

Development Men - Country 

Team 1

Singles: Barney Stubbs

Pairs: Neville Lancaster & Andy McCorkindale

Fours: Wayne Lloyd, Adriaan van den Berg, Nelson Collett, Mark England

Team 2

Singles: Logan Dunn

Pairs: Shane Calder & Jock O'Connor

Fours: John Eddington, Corey O'Connor, Scott Hyndman, Paul Morriss

Development Women - Town 

Black Team 

Singles: Jude Main

Pairs: (S) Trish Hannah & Sonya Butler

Fours: (S) Annette Hurford, Denny O'Brien-Warriner, Briar Simcott, Kate Talyor

Red Team 

Singles: Ali Quinn

Pairs: (S) Tracy Wilkinson & Lucy Ware

Fours: (S) Ang Mitchell, Tracy Fickling, Karina Bolton, Lisa Mitchell

Development Women - Country 

Team 1 

Singles: W. Toohey

Pairs: (S) S. Carroll & G. Redfern

Fours: (S) B. Wilde, F. Paulin, H. Moody, G. Bolderston

Team 2 

Singles: G. van Herpt

Pairs: (S) C. Denhaan & A. Harrison

Fours: (S) B. Thompson, S. Churton, P. Woods, D. McQueen