Town and Country Representative Results


On Sunday was the first of the representative fixtures for the 2018/19 season with the Town and Country event.

Canterbury Players were chosen either the Country Team or the Town Team via their club affiliation.

The Men’s event, was held at Bowls Hornby and in the Senior Grade the Town team was too dominant for the Country team, winning 9 games out of twelve.


In the Development Grade, the future looks bright for the country, with the Country winning 8 games out of 12.


The Women’s event was held at the Ashburton Domain Club, and also saw split results across both grades. The Senior Women’s grade was very close, with both teams winning 6 games each. However when the same amount of games are won, it comes down to points differential and the Country Team ended up on top.


In the Development Women’s Grade, the Town women proved to good for the Country team, winning 9 games, drawing one and losing 2.


Thank you to both clubs who did a fantastic time hosting these teams. Thank you to all the umpires, greenkeepers, markers and other volunteers involved in making the Town and Country Event a success.

Well done to all the Players involved also. Full teams listed below:

Town Teams

Senior Men 1
Liam Eathorne
John Lavell
Gary Lawson
Doug Paterson
Mike Small
Bruce Wakefield
Barry Willams

Senior Men 2 
Steve Ditfort
Mark Gillespie
Nathan Glasson
Mark Lewis
Mark Schrader
Joesph Van der Pennen
Stu Ward

Development Men 1
Paul Beecroft 
Dylan Campbell
Phil Hartley
Tim Hussey
Jason Johnstone
Chris O'Brien
Brett Satterwaite

Development Men 2
Phil Austin
Courtney Bodger
Terry Leadbetter
Duncan O'Keefe
Matt Small
Neil Tiplady
Adam White

Senior Women 1
Allison Ramsey
Wendy Rogers
Donelda Scott
Jan Shirley
Ann Simpson
Angela Singleton
Annabel Walmsely

Senior Women 2
Cait Bassett
Tayla Bruce
Julie Dalley
CJ Hargraves
Tessa Hocking
Chris Kibblewhite
Nicky Reed

Development Women 1
Debbie Harpur
Rebecca Jelfs
Kirsten Rowe
Fay Sampson
Alex Wilkinson 
Liz Wood
Tania Woodham

Development Women 2
Emma Bayley
Di De Goldi
Wendy Duder
Emma Miller
Beryl Murphy
Jenny Olson 
Nylla Tamati

Country Teams

Senior Women 1
Janice Harper
Valmai Hantz
Raylene Heads
Sandra Keith
Pat Maxwell
Pat McElwain
Leonie Spargo

Senior Women 2
Pam Clarke
Jill Harris
Sandra Holdom
Serena Matthews
Anne Reid
Diane Vanderweg
Wendy Watson

Development Women 1
Di Callaghan
Linda Currie
Kat Denham
Hazel Littlejohn
Ann May
Jenny Mitchell
Wendy Taiaroa

Development Women 2
Hannah Ewing
Lyn Fensom
Millie Foggo
Michelle Foster
Marion Galloway
Heather Gray
Judy Payne

Senior Men 1 
M Bassett,
A Crawford
R Greaney
R Kane
A Paul
S Thompson
P Whinham

Senior Men 2
C Carter
J Dunn
J Drayton
S Glassey
B Mayson
P Redfern
M Rowson

Men’s Development 1
S Calder
L Dunn
R Fensom
Q Gardiner
D Holland 
L Muir
B Redmond

Men’s Development 2
N Allfield
M Carroll
L Clark
C Dalzell
B Donaldson
N Lancaster
P Williams