Last week CMG Motors made a MG3 Excite available for us to use for the season. We are extremely grateful to them and see this as a real ‘win win’ for the Centre and fingers crossed a ‘win win’ for CMG Motors too.

The car provides us with the opportunity to promote CMG Motors and their very smart MG3. It is also an opportunity to advertise our sport to the wider community while providing us with a vehicle to get us to coaching sessions and the events we will be running during the season.

So far, I am very impressed with the performance of the car, very comfortable, all the mod cons I require and as zippy as I need it to be around town. As yet we haven’t put it to the test on the open road, but I am sure it will perform well there too.

A great big thanks to Gary Mitchell and Blair Smith from CMG Motors for your support.

So, if you are looking to purchase a new vehicle call Blair Smith 021 317 483 or visit him at CMG Motors, corner St Asaph and Montreal. Please do not forget to tell him you are a bowler.

Sponsorship Directory

At the last Club Meeting I talked about us listing all or our sponsors on the Bowls Canterbury website. Thanks to those who have sent your sponsors names through. The reason behind this idea is so we all know what businesses are supporting our sport within our Centre. If we use this directory as the first port of call when contemplating making a purchase or require some sort of service, it will benefit that sponsor and that particular club. Feedback from a couple of sponsors has been very positive, they understand the benefit for them too. Please use the directory when buying or using a service and remember to let them know you are a member of a bowling club in Canterbury.  

To help us when we are compiling the list it will help us if you tell us what sort of business/service it is especially if it isn’t obvious – thanks.