Marjorie Gundry Results


On Tuesday 20th November two Canterbury Women's team headed up to Kaikoura to take part in the Majorie Gundry event, which is a women's representative event between Marlborough and Canterbury. 

First held in 1968, this years event had a lot of meaning, being 50 years since the first time it was held. It was also the first time in three years that this event had been held - last played in 2015. The event was scheduled to be held in 2016, however two days before was the devastating Kaikoura earthquake. Having this event resurrected in 2018, 50 years since it was first played for, is a credit to Marlborough Bowls, who hosted the event at the Kaikoura Bowling Club.

This year, the results were exceptionally close. Both Teams won 6 games each which then meant it went down to points differential, with Canterbury coming out on top.

Full results click here: Marjorie Grundy Results 2018

Many thanks to Coach; Pam Clark and Bowls Canterbury CEO/Team Bus driver; Mel Mather. Congratulations to the winning Canterbury women's team for your win on this special year.

Full Team:

Team 1
Singles: Rebecca Jelfs 
Pairs: Beryl Murphy (S) and Jude Main
Fours: Deb Harpur (S), Tania Woodham, Wendy Duder and Jenny Olson

Team 2
Singles: Nicky Reed
Pairs: Jan Shirley (S) and Ann Simpson
Fours: Kim Rollands (S), Julie Dalley, Wendy Rogers, Annabel Walmsley