Finals Weekend Weather Update


Due to the predicted forecast weather (34 degrees) on Sunday 2nd February there may be alterations to the programme. We must take into consideration the health and safety of our players, spectators and volunteers, as well as the health of the green.

This may mean we consider any or all of the following:

  • Start earlier on Sunday morning before the scheduled 8.30am start time i.e. 7.30am
  • Take a few hours break in between rounds if temperatures are too high to play, meaning the day could finish later in the evening prior to sunset
  • Reschedule games that are scheduled in the afternoon round to the morning rounds to be played before peak temperatures
  • Hosing the green with water throughout the day if required to prevent the green burning

A decision will be made Saturday evening as to whether any of these changes will take place. Players affected by any changes will be contacted directly, and we will update our website and Facebook accordingly.