All Things Finals Weekend


Tune in here for all things Finals Weekend – February 1st & 2nd 2020 at New Brighton BC

To view the programme, please click the link below:

Finals Weekend Programme

We will be live streaming selected games over the weekend (see programme for games). Live streamed games will be filmed via our Facebook page:

A reminder that members if the same team/side must wear garments of the same colour and design.

The map below shows the two entry points (shown by red crosses) into New Brighton BC.
Below is the parking availability:

  • Car parks on Beresford St (shown by blue squares)
  • Street parking on Mafeking St, Hood St and Oram Ave

Results from Saturday 1st February

Round 1 – 8.30am

Women’s Sevens Final – Elmwood Park v Burnside

Burnside won
Singles 21-7, Pairs 25-7, Fours 11-14

Men’s Sevens Final – Elmwood Park v Papanui Club

Elmwood Park won
Singles 21-14, Pairs 15-9, Fours 21-4

Round 2 – 11.00am

Women’s 1 & 2 Year Singles Semi
Jude Main (Redcliffs Mt Pl) v Ang Mitchell (Belfast) (21-12)

Women’s 1 & 2 Year Singles Semi
Ali Quinn (Parklands) v Sonia Butler (Halswell) (21-16)

Men’s Fours Semi
Dave Vincent (Bowls Hornby) v Rod Greaney (Elmwood Park)

Mixed Pairs Semi
Neil Johnstone (Elmwood Park) v Paul Newman (Canterbury 2017) (14-13)

Men’s Fours Semi
Andrew Bramham (Halswell) v Richard Hocking (Burnside)

Men’s Pairs Semi
Rohan Ware (Christchurch) v Roger Glendinning (Canterbury 2017) (16-14)

Round 3 – 2.00pm

Men’s 1 & 2 Year Singles Semi
Shane Bell (Bowls Hornby) v Paul Morriss (Oxford) (21-20)

Men’s 1 & 2 Year Singles Semi
Bernie Blackmun (Halswell) v Jack Brokenshire (Beckenham) (21-11)

Mixed Pairs Semi
Donelda Scott (Christchurch) v Bruce Humphreys (Elmwood Park) (8-7)

Men’s Pairs Semi
Mike Small (Burnside) v Rod Grout (Redcliffs Mt Pl) (16-15)

Men’s Singles Semi
Joseph van der Pennen (Bowls Papanui) v Rob Fensom (Methven) (21-12)

Men’s Singles Semi
Rod Greaney (Elmwood Park) v Jason Johnstone (Bowls Papanui) (21-14)

Results from Sunday 2nd February

Round 1 – 8.30am

Under 20 Singles Final


Winner: Courtney Bodger (Rangiora) (21-15)
Runner Up: Dylan Campbell (Woolston Park)

Men’s Triples Final


Winner: Rod Greaney, Steve Ditfort & Ian Rule (Elmwood Park ) (15-13)
Runner Up: John Mears, David Vujcich & Liam Eathorne (Elmwood Park)

Men’s Pairs Final


Winner: Rohan Ware & Brian Ware (Christchurch) (16-15)
Runner Up: Mike Small & Matt Small (Burnside)

Women’s Triples Final


Winner: Tayla Bruce, Cait Bassett & Tessa Lee (Burnside) (16-15
Runner Up: Sandra Keith, Rosemary Bennett & Sandra Holdom

Round 2 – 11.00am

Men’s Fours Final


Winner: Richard Hocking, Mike Small, Kevin Gore & Barry Williams (Burnside) (17-7)
Runner Up: Rod Greaney, Steve Ditfort, Ian Rule & Liam Eathorne (Elmwood Park)

Mixed Fours Final


Winner: Rick Day, Roger Glendinning, Julie Adams & Kim Rowlands (Canterbury 2017) (19-15)
Runner Up: Joseph van der Pennen, Peter Cotton, Dale Fitzgerald & Bev Baxter (Bowls Papanui)

Women’s Pairs Final


Winner: Tayla Bruce & Cait Bassett (Burnside) (15-14)
Runner Up: Chris Kibblewhite & Fiona Frew (Elmwood Park)

Women’s Fours Final


Winner: Amy Caddie, Margaret Bunce, Annabel Walmisley & Jude Main (Redcliffs Mt Pl) (16-15)
Runner Up: Bev Morel, Jan Shirley, Sherrie Cottle & Tania Woodham (Elmwood Park)

Women’s Singles Final


Winner: Mandy Boyd (Elmwood Park) (21-18)
Runner Up: Rebecca Jelfs (Canterbury 2017

Round 3 – 2.30pm

Men’s Under 5’s Singles Final


Winner: Tim Hussey (Beckenham) (21-17)
Runner Up: Mark England (Lincoln)

Women’s Under 5’s Singles Final


Winner: Tracy Wilkinson (Burnside) (21-12)
Runner Up: Cat Denhaan (Oxford)

Men’s 1st & 2nd Year Singles Final

Winner: Bernie Blackmun (Halswell) (21-18)
Runner Up: Shane Bell (Bowls Hornby)

Women’s 1st & 2nd Year Singles Final

Winner: Ali Quinn (Parklands) (21-14)
Runner Up: Jude Main

Mixed Pairs Final


Winner: Donelda Scott & Brian Ware (Christchurch) (11-10)
Runner Up: Neil Johnstone & Mary Ann Johnstone (Elmwood Park)

Men’s Singles Final


Winner: Joseph van der Pennen (Bowls Papanui) (21-10)
Runner Up: Rod Greaney (Elmwood Park)