CoC Finals Weekend Results


The postponed Champion of Champions Finals Weekend from the end of last season is being played Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th October, at Papanui Club (310 Sawyers Arms Road).

A reminder that members of the same team/side must wear garments of the same colour and design.

Results from the weekend will be updated below after every round.

See below the programme for Sunday 11th October:


Results for Saturday 10th October

Round 1 - 8.30am

Men's Fours Semi

Lance Pascoe (Elmwood Park) v Duncan O'Keefe (Rangiora) (21-7)

Dean Mooney (Avon Park) v Tony Fielding (Bowls Papanui) (13-10)

Women's Fours Semi

Val Clements (Bowls Papanui) v Margaret Stacey (New Brighton) (25-7)

Women's Triples Semi

Sandra Keith (Allenton) v Julie Dalley (Halswell) (20-10)

Men's Triples Semi

Mark Schrader (Belfast) v John Mears (Elmwood Park) (18-10)

John Goodger (Redcliffs Mt Pl) v Jason Dunn (Hawarden) (17-10)

Men's 1st & 2nd Year Singles Semi

Jeff Reed (Parklands) v Adriaan van den Berg (Leeston) (21-18)

Round 2 - 11.30am

Women's Triples Semi

Pam Phair (Elmwood Park) v Debbie Ho (Riccarton Racecourse) (18-8)

Women's Fours Semi

Sandra Keith (Allenton) v Alma Lockington (Barrington United) (17-15)

Men's Singles Semi

Liam Eathorne (Riccarton Racecourse) v Shane Brokenshire (21-13)

Men's Pairs Semi

Glen McDonald (Belfast) v Joseph van der Pennen (Bowls Papanui) (17-12)

Shayne Sincock (Papanui Club) v Jason Dunn (Hawarden) (17-14)

Women's Pairs Semi

Liz Rossiter (Halswell) v Viv Schischka (Rangiora) (24-11)

Val Clements (Bowls Papanui) v Sharon Wilson (Fendalton) (18-16)

Round 3 - 2.30pm

Watson Shield Final

Papanui Club won - they 3 of the 4 games (Singles/Pairs/Triples)

Women's Singles Semi

Tayla Bruce (Burnside) v Emma Bayley (Parklands) (21-7)

Men's Singles Semi

Kerry Becks (Rangiora) v Mark Young (Belfast) (21-20)

Men's Under 5's Singles Semi

Brentton Donaldson (Ashburton) v Dave Holland (Darfield) (21-5)

Women's Under 5's Singles Semi

Annette Hurford (Rangiora) v Sonya Butler (Halswell) (21-5)

Jenny Anderson (Woodend) v Sydney Oliver (Papanui Club) (21-3)

Men's 1st & 2nd Year Singles Semi

Rick Dalton (Cashmere) v Paul Morriss (Oxford) (21-20)

Saturday 11th October

Round 1 - 8.30am

Men's Triples Final

Mark Schrader, Mark Young & Bryce Young (Belfast) v John Goodger, Peter Hyland & Bill Rothwell (Redcliffs Mt Pl) (25-2)

Women's Triples Final

Sandra Keith, Rachel Davies & Annette Sargission (Allenton) v Pam Phair, Mary Ann Johnstone & Cheryl Gee (Elmwood Park) (19-5)

Round 2 - 11.30am

Women's 1st & 2nd Year Singles Final

Sonya Butler (Halswell) v Briar Simcott (Parklands) (21-14)

Men's 1st & 2nd Year Singles Final

Jeff Reed (Parklands) v Rick Dalton (Cashmere) (21-10)

Men's Pairs Final

Shayne Sincock & Stephen O'Driscoll (Papanui Club) v Glen McDonald & Mark Young (Belfast) (19-16)

Men's Fours Final

Gary Lawson, Kelvin Scott, Nathan Glasson & Lance Pascoe (Elmwood Park) v Dean Mooney, Stewart Reed, Don Munro & Brendan Hales (Avon Park) (21-8)

Women's Fours Final

Sandra Keith, Rachel Davies, Annette Sargission & Milly Foggo (Allenton) v Val Clements, Dale Fitzgerald, Monica Verdellen & Judy Jones (Bowls Papanui) (16-13)

Round 3 - 2.30pm

Women's Under 5's Singles Final

Jenny Anderson (Woodend) v Annette Hurford (Rangiora) (21-15)

Men's Under 5's Singles Final

Brentton Donaldson (Ashburton) v Paul Williams (West Melton) (21-9)

Women's Singles Final

Rebecca Jelfs (Canterbury 2017) v Tayla Bruce (Burnside) (21-13)

Men's Singles Final

Kerry Becks (Rangiora) v Liam Eathorne (Riccarton Racecourse) (21-20)

Women's Pairs Final

Val Clements & Jenny Wicks (Bowls Papanui) v Liz Rossiter & Kay Wallace (Halswell) (22-21)

Star Awards

White Stars

Andy Weber (West Melton) - 3 titles

Courtney Bodger (Kaiapoi Riverside) - 3 titles

Tracy Wilkinson (Burnside) - 3 titles

Brad Sinclair (Burnside) - 3 titles

Bernie Blackmun (Halswell) - 3 titles

Roye Daniel (West Melton) - 3 titles

Paul Williams (West Melton) - 6 titles

Bronze Star

Bruce Humphreys (Elmwood Park) - 5 titles

Gold Stars

Rodney Greaney (Allenton/Elmwood Park) - 5 titles

Julie Adams (Canterbury 2017) - 5 titles

Brian Ware (Christchurch) - 5 titles

Sandra Keith (Allenton) - 10 titles