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Bowls Canterbury Coaching Resources

1.  Basics of Lawn Bowls

2.  Skills and Drills

3.  Building a Head

4.  Shot Play

5.  TFGU Games

6.  Nutrition

7.  Etiquette

8.  Other Resources

9.  Laws 

Basics of Lawn Bowls

Green information:

Rink Dimensions

Boundary of Green – Roger Munro

Delivery and Technique:

Establishment of Line – Roger Munro

Holding the Bowl – Roger Munro 

Adjustment to Line – Roger Munro 

Bowl Speed control – Roger Munro

Brief explanation of Pre Shot Routine / The Mat Drill / The Delivery Routine

Drills for Beginners:

Warm up Drill– Roger Munro

Game Play:

Brief Outline of the Game – Palo Alto Lawn Bowling Club

Skills and Drills

Drills for Beginners:

On Green Drills

Youth Games:



The Mat Race

Get the Shot

Best Back Bowl

Tic Tac Toe

Tic Tac Toe High Score Variation

Basic Questions and Answers for new bowlers

Circuit Drills:

Skills and Drills – Adrian Robins

Building a Head

Drills for Head Building Level 1:

No Answers provided for these scenarios. Assume that you are the Red Bowls and think of the best solution and shot to either win the end, reduce the of points scored against you, or keep you bowls safe from opposition.

Senario 1   Senario 2      Senario 3       Senario 4       Senario 5       Senario 6

Drills for Head Building Level 2:

Select the best option for the scenario provided. The answers provided is just one option, there are numerous ways to approach each scenario.

Scenario 1                       Scenario 1 – Answer

Scenario 2                     Scenario 2 – Answer

Scenario 3                       Scenario 3 – Answer

Scenario 4                        Scenario 4 Answer 

Scenario 5                        Scenario 5 Answer 

Scenario 6                        Scenario 6 Answer  

Scenario 7                        Scenario 7 Answer 

Scenario 8                        Scenario 8 Answer 

Scenario 9                        Scenario 9 Answer 

Scenario 10                      Scenario 1 Answer 

Shot Play

TFGU Games


Nutrition – Jimmy Sinclair


Other Resources

Bowls New Zealand Publications:

Bowls NZ produces a number of great of publications for Players and Coaches. 

From Go to Gold – Activities brief of the book

Coaching Lawn Bowls – The Basics 

Coaching Lawn Bowls – The Principles of Coaching 

Coaching Lawn Bowls -The New Zealand Way DVD

These books and DVD are available from Bowls Canterbury Shop

Laws of the Sport of Lawn Bowls 

Laws of the Sport of Bowls – Crystal Mark Third Edition

Hard copies are available at the Centre or online at the Bowls Canterbury Shop